Buffalo Chicken Wrap

My palette has a flavor profile that edges towards spicy. I love a little kicked up heat in my food. Buffalo wings are one of those sinful treats that I could eat everyday, except they aren’t that great for you. Properly made chicken wings, which I am sure I will post one of these days, are deep fried with the skin on, then immediately thrown into a sauce made of almost equal parts butter to hot sauce. On top of that, to cool it down a little, you dip them in a sour cream and blue cheese or feta concoction. Wipe face, repeat.

In order to bring in that same flavor but make it slightly healthier, I actually do something that I hardly ever practice, I buy prepackaged chicken fingers. However, instead of frying them, I follow the baking instructions.  Really, you could probably use roasted, shredded chicken, because it is the sauce on this sandwich that takes it over the top. Getting a little unexpected heat from the mixture of ranch and hot sauce elevates this sandwich from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Buffalo Chicken Wrap

2 chicken fingers cooked fully

1/2 cup Lettuce

1/8 cup Tomato, diced

1/8 cup Feta, crumbled

Ranch Dressing

Hot Sauce (whatever brand you prefer)

Flour tortilla

Heat tortilla in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Smear ranch dressing and hot sauce across a tortilla. Add the rest of the ingredients to your liking. Wrap tortilla around food and enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Wrap

  1. Have you tried the Morningstar chickenless buffalo chicken tenders? You might think they sound gross but they’re super healthy and crisp up nicely while baking. AND you totally can’t tell they aren’t chicken. I will brown those up under the broiler and add to a wrap similar to yours. Happy cooking!

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