April Fool’s Day Recipe: Roadkill Dip

Need a dip to take to a party, family get together or an office potluck? I have the perfect one. Okay, okay the name “roadkill” isn’t that enticing but I promise this is a fantastic dip. I mean, sausage, cream cheese, and Rotel, how can it taste bad?

I made this for the first office potluck when I moved to the Midwest. Imagine, the backwoods southern girl shows up with something called “roadkill.” They all hesitantly tried it and started giggling when they realized it was a delicious sausage dip. That’s my dorky sense of humor but it gave everyone something to talk about. A great icebreaker for sure and my new friends all took the recipe home to play pranks on their families. If you still need a prank to play on your friends for April Fool’s Day or just need an idea for a good item to bring to a celebration, this would be a delicious choice.

Roadkill Dip

Roadkill Dip
Roadkill Dip

16 oz. cream cheese

1 (10 oz) can Rotel Tomatoes (or any can of  tomatoes with green chilies)

1 (16 0z) package of ground sausage, cooked

Add all items to crock pot and set to medium. Will be really flavorful after about an hour. We dip triscuits, fritos, and wheat thins in this.


14 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Recipe: Roadkill Dip

  1. I am soooooo making this the next time Chad’s family cooks out and makes me figure out what will go with grilled chicken, fried catfish, and frog’s legs. And I’m going to LABEL it.
    Anyway, you had me at Ro-tel. Plus cream cheese? AND sausage? Forget crackers, bread, or chips.. gimme a spoon.

  2. This those ingredients I never heard about. Ground sausage ??? Rotel Tomatoes ???? – I’m expecting to learn something new today too. *smile

    1. Rotel tomatoes are diced tomatoes canned with green chilies. Ground sausage is basically sausage meat without a casing. It is sold in the US this way marketed as breakfast sausage.

      1. Okay … thanks for telling me. You have so much over there – suppose it has to do with all the different cultures your country has.

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