Taco Salad

Normally I write about my food memories, those all important recipes that make up the fabric of my existence in one way or the other. Today, however, I am presenting you with a food memory that is all my husband.

When I married into his family, I had never heard of this concoction of ingredients, taco meat thrown into a mixed salad that was topped with crushed Doritos and doused with french dressing.  It sounded odd and hokey, I have to admit I was a little intimidated at how this southern girl was going to be able to swallow it all down with polite gracefulness. I wasn’t used to eating salad, much less something that sounded as crazy as this. My husband, though, I could see the anticipatory giddy in his eye and I knew in that moment that this would be a meal that I would have to learn how to make for him. As I sat to eat, it was like nothing I had ever tried before, but it made so much sense. His mother is such a smart cookie, as this is a great introductory meal for kids to enjoy salad and fresh vegetables. Wonderful in it’s simplicity and delicious balanced flavors. Try it tonight with your family.

Taco Salad

Taco Salad
Taco Salad

1 lb ground beef

1 pack Taco Seasoning

1 block of cheddar grated

1 head of lettuce

3 tomatoes, cut into quarters

1 bell pepper, thinly sliced

1 cucumber, thinly sliced

½ small onion, diced

1 can kidney beans, washed and drained

Black pepper to taste

1 bag Doritos, crushed

1 bottle French dressing

Brown ground beef into large crumbles. Drain it. Add 1 pack of taco seasoning.

Make salad with the rest of the ingredients. Put cheese and beef on top. Crush Doritos on top and add a whole bottle of French dressing. Mix up.


23 thoughts on “Taco Salad

  1. We have Taco Salad at least once a week…we both love it so much and it is healthy and enjoyable….usually we use salsa…but we will try French Dressing next time…what kind if any do you suggest? I wonder if you took French Dressing and added some chopped up chilis or jalapenos and maybe some salsa what it would taste like? Ok now I made myself hungry:)

    1. Thanks. Please add whatever extras you would like, I encourage you to make this “your” family’s taco salad. I am just providing a beginning point for you to try it but it could be expanded into so many directions. Whatever those ingredients that you love like peppers and chilies, go right ahead. I encourage playing with your food. :) As far as french dressing goes, I don’t make it for this recipe, because it is one of those food memory things for hubby and that wouldn’t be fair to go changing it up on him like that. We use Kraft creamy French or Wishbone French. That’s what was available to his Mom when they were growing up so that’s what we use now.

  2. This is something I have never understood – make a salad out taco’s *smile … why not eat them as taco’s as they are – same thing .. different wrapping. Looking real good, but this I jump over – on the other hand I don’t like taco’s *smile Have to tell you about “our” bread – have notice a difference in my nails and hair .. eat one slice every morning for breakfast for nearly 3 weeks. Only eat one slice of soft bread per day.

    1. So glad the beer bread is working well for you. My grandmother was a hair dresser and while she did not consume alcohol as a beverage, she did tout the benefits of it for your hair. Now I am not sure how much science went into this theory of hers…

      1. Beer has loads of B vitamins – that strengthens your hair and nails – that is science! *laughter and yeast too – good for you too.

      2. Viveka, you are too smart! Thanks for the information. Makes sense, my grandma was as smart as she was superstitious, a good mix of both. You never knew from which she pulled her home treatments. She almost killed my Uncle feeding him sulfur for skin issues once…. But that’s another story for another day.

  3. I absolutely LOVE taco salad!! It’s a great meal on a warm evening when you don’t want use your oven. I tend to feel less guilty when I go back for seconds being it is salad! :) It always seemed weird to me to use French dressing, but it works. Wonderfully! Though over the years I started using a combo of hot sauce and salsa being I don’t usually have French dressing on hand. Delicious!!

  4. Love this! Will have to try the French dressing. We use a chipotle dressing, but sometimes that is too much chili flavor. LOVE taco as a salad–dislike the crunch shell that always falls apart on me. This is a great solution!

  5. Mmm! I have this all of the time on my Girl Scout camping trips. It is soo good! I love how the meat is usually spicy and it battles with the cool lettuce and tomatoes in the salad.

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