Traditional English Breakfast

When I first told my husband that I was thinking of starting a cooking blog, he came home with this can of beans that he found at an import store in town.

He smiles at me and tells me that it is for breakfast. Intimidated a bit by them, I let them sit in the cupboard for a few months. As I researched them more, it seems that people love them and seemingly they do nothing more than open the can and heat them. Simple enough right? I just had to wrap my American mind around the idea of eating beans in the morning. The other morning, I threw caution to the wind and tried it on my breakfast plate.

Traditional English Breakfast
Traditional English Breakfast

Well, what did I think? I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of the straight out the can flavor, but I don’t think what I ate as the end all be all concoction of beanz. One day when I hop over the pond for a visit, I’ll reserve my judgement of this dish until then. For now, I will think of it as the equivalent to grits or boiled peanuts from my home region– an acquired taste, something you grow up with and love fondly, but something that doesn’t always translate well to other palates. Anyway, it was fun and exciting to try something new and look forward to my next food adventure, leaving a bookmark to revisit this again one day.


32 thoughts on “Traditional English Breakfast

  1. Good for you, at least you tried it … but you forgotten the sauté mushrooms and the black pudding, so I will call it half English breakfast *smile Fantastic try!!!! – you know how much I like those beanz. You never told us if your husband where pleased. To try my PyttiPanna must be your next adventure.*laughter

    1. I will have to look for black pudding. Hubbie felt similar to me, that we didn’t know how to serve it so we would have to try it again when we visit England. I do need to try your PyttiPanna. You know I love potatoes in the morning. Mmmmm…

      1. A full English Breakfast is: bacon, beanz, fried egg, sausage, hash rounds, black pudding saute mushrooms and fried bread. And if going to England that is a must. PyttiPanna for breakfast I have never tried, but I’m sure I would enjoy it.

      2. Oh lord, I am getting all backwards today. Oh well, it would be good anytime. You were for real with the half english breakfast. That is a lot of food. I would guess, most people go out for this sort of meal. Keep the pots and pans clean.

      3. *laughing … don’t think there is many that eats a breakfast like this every day – and if they do they will not live for very long. It’s a heart attack bomb!!! Deep fried bread is lethal – toast bread that is deep fried, terrible – but we sold tons of it. Think that maybe over weekend s they do it.

  2. We had our honeymoon in London and Paris so I got to have something of an English breakfast while there. :) I don’t recall having beans, but that might have been something I decided to skip since I don’t care for them. I highly suggest trying black and or white pudding. Yum!

    1. I need to see if black and or white pudding is available around. I am pretty sure I would like something like that and maybe the flavor of the pudding mixed with the beans would make more sense to me.

  3. Great post! We’re big fans of English breakfast and your musings are timely. We’re off the UK for a month. We’ll undoubtedly eat plenty of eggs, beans, blood sausage and roasted tomatoes for breakfast while away. We’ll post plenty of pictures, so swing by.

    Steve & Jason

  4. I am English and I never eat baked beans it is definitely up to the individual.However I love black and white pudding my mum gave it to my sisters and I since we were little, because it is filling it keeps you going for best part of the day. Baked beans are a good source of protein so are good for you.

      1. It doesn’t taste like sausage, I can’t explain what it tastes like but it is delicious.You will definitely like it. Here in England you can get black pudding anywhere, but white pudding we had to go especially to the butchers for.

    1. Yes, you are talking my language! Hard for me to accept the canned beans as final product, I want to use as an ingredient. I should try to make my own from scratch. Looked up bubble and squeak and that looks right up my alley. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Lots of thumbs up and down on the blood sausage… I’ll admit it’s not my favorite. But I love baked beans from a can- call me crazy. Same with cranberry sauce. How about beans on toast for all those English folk? I’d take some sauteed mushrooms and I often saw a pan fried tomato too.
    Great Sunday breaky!

  6. I spent many of my growning up years in England and I Loved eating breakfast there. There bacon is to die for. I still dream about it:) I’m not a huge fan of beans but one of my favorite snacks is baked beans on crispy toast or on cheese toast. Simply delicious!

  7. Not bad… you just need some sausages, fried mushrooms, fried tomato, fried bread and black pudding! Apparently us Brit’s love the fried stuff! You should also try a baked bean & cheese toasted sandwich, or baked beans on toast with a little bit of grated cheddar… one of my favourite things for a late night snack, or breakfast!

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