Earthquake Cake: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there! Today I am giving you one of my mother’s favorite cakes. This cake came about when I was about ten years old and I am not exactly sure where my mother got the recipe, but this became the cake that I “trained” on. I can tell you now, that I rarely ever have boxed cake mix in my house, it’s just not something that I keep around, because I know how to make homemade versions of all the cakes made on box mix form. What got me there truthfully is my mother and boxed cake mixes…

Earthquake Cake gets its name from the deep cracks created when the cream cheese mixture sinks into the center of the dessert while cooking in the oven. The middle becomes a gooey delicious treat surrounded by chocolate cake with a coconut pecan layer that becomes toasted in the oven. Mmmm…

When I was younger, sure my mother made cakes from scratch while I watched, willingly, in anticipation. At the age of 10 or so, my mother knew it was time for me to start baking a little on my own, so she gave me training wheels, ie boxed cake mixes. I’m not sure, but I think she knew that if I was successful at cooking ventures early on, that I would continue to be interested later. She would have me bake this delicious earthquake cake dessert to bring to church and social functions, with all the older people gloating over my creation and my chest would fill with pride. My cooking became reinforced and I grew and grew and grew.

So I wanted to give all the moms out there a simple dessert that you can share with your children to get them interested in cooking. If you have a little aspiring chef, let them try their hand at this. The cake mix  makes it foolproof and it really is simple to put together.

Earthquake Cake

Earthquake Cake
Earthquake Cake

1 ½ cups chopped pecans

1 ½ cups shredded coconut

1 box chocolate cake mix (prepared by box instructions)

½ cup butter

1 8oz cream cheese

4 cups powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350. Grease a 9×13 pan. Combine pecans and coconut. Sprinkle in bottom of pan. Pour prepared cake mix over pecan mixture. Melt butter and cream cheese together in sauce pan.

Add powdered sugar, mix well. Pour mixture over cake mix batter. Bake for 45 minutes or until cake center tests done. Remove from oven and cool and cut into squares. Yields 16 squares.


17 thoughts on “Earthquake Cake: Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thanks. It is great and extremely cool to help explain baking to kids. It is very magical for a child to see the cream cheese layer on top when you put it in, but to have the chocolate layer on top when you bring it out.

  1. Definitely a cake fit for Mother’s Day! It looks so chocolatey delicious! My kids love to help me in the kitchen. They’re so proud of themselves when their creations turn out. My momma really did tell me if you can read, you can cook; box cake is a super way to start! Or earthquake cake from scratch :) I may coerce Andrew into attempting this for me!

    1. Thanks. I enjoyed making food for my family at a young age like you and it all started in my mother’s tiny kitchen. As a kid, I was competitive in that I only gravitated to things that I did well, so sports were pretty much out of the question, but anything creative piqued my interest, especially cooking.

  2. mmmm is right. I think you are right with the box mixes. I’m not one to have them around because it just doesn’t seem like that much more effort from scratch. BUT… my daughter feels a real sense of pride when she opens that top and adds eggs and milk… especially if she has to read the directions in German. Confidence is the key.

    1. Thanks. You are right and my mom mixed it up a little by doctoring the cake mix up a bit, but still having it be simple enough that I could make it early on. I am glad she found this recipe for me to train on. Your daughter should be proud that she is able to read and comprehend more than one language. That is awesome!

  3. I think I’m gaining weight from looking at the picture. Looks so good! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You’ve got some great recipes on here, and they look easy enough to make even with my kids screaming “I’m huuuuuuuungrrrrrrry”

    1. Haha… Thanks. This one really is very easy to make and the best part, you can get the kids involved. Sure they may have cake batter all over them by the end, but it is part of the experience. I’ll admit to a few instances of a cake batter smile and mysterious chocolate nodules in my hair during my lifetime. It’s all about the journey!

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