Macaroni Salad

Today is Memorial Day in the Unites States and most everyone will be congregating with family and friends around a grill and having picnics, enjoying the lovely weather and each other. Hubbie and I have started the grill ourselves and I will be sharing some of those recipes with you throughout the week. If you will be attending a get together and are still unsure of an item to bring, it’s not too late! This macaroni salad is perfect for a BBQ and is super easy and quick to make. Enjoy!

Macaroni Salad

Macaroni Salad
Macaroni Salad

5-6 boiled eggs, cut into quarters

1 box cooked macaroni

1 tbsp mustard (grain, Dijon, or yellow)

1 cup Miracle Whip

2 tbsp finely minced onion

3 tbsp finely minced bell pepper

4 tbsp finely minced celery

Season to taste with salt, pepper, cayenne

In a large bowl, season macaroni with salt pepper and cayenne, mix well. In a smaller bowl, mix together the onion, bell pepper, celery, miracle whip and mustard. Take the miracle whip mixture and add to macaroni, mixing well. Incorporate eggs and add any extra miracle whip or seasonings for taste. Refrigerate until ready to eat.


16 thoughts on “Macaroni Salad

  1. Miracle Whip – that is a word from the past … *smile – don’t think we can buy it anymore. We had it ages ago. Like any pasta salad and this looks good and moist. Nothing worst then pasta salad where it’s just glued together.

    1. Oh yeah, Miracle Whip has been around ever since I can remember. If you can believe it, it was sold as a diet food in southern part of the US, to replace mayonnaise. Makes me laugh.

      1. Found out on the net .. that Miracle Whip has only 30 cal compare to Real Mayonnaise that has 80 cal. So it could be classed as diet food

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