Banana Gelato


Banana Gelato
Banana Gelato

I made this banana gelato last weekend and it was absolutely delicious.

Per the website that I made this recipe from, “Gelato, or Italian ice cream, tends to be lower in fat than ice cream, as it’s made from milk with just a touch of cream. However, its texture is traditionally denser as it has less air beaten into it. Oddly enough, this gelato tastes like caramel and is great with toasted pecans.” They are correct, this does taste like caramel. Believe me, you want to try this. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Banana Gelato

  1. I was going through some old magazines and found an old issue of Martha Stewart Living that had a bunch of gelato recipes–I made Meyer Lemon gelato and Espresso gelato and both were wonderful. This will be my next attempt because we always have extra ripe bananas!

  2. Bananas – when I was doing my radio therapy my stomach got a life of it’s own after only 5 days – and from experience I know that bananas will set the stomach – so I was eating bananas like a monkey – about 20 per day, because I didn’t want to take the pills, because the made my stomach act the other way around and that was even worst. Still love bananas – but have hardly eaten any for 2 years. … this could be a reason for me to go start eating them again. By the way … bananas didn’t help at that time *laughter – still I eaten them for 7 weeks.

      1. I don’t think anything except the pills would helped that pressure cooker of stomach that I had during the radio therapy. Nice try .. and my corner shop got loads of banana sold. *smile

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