Just A Little Candy


So I have been preparing my resume and writing a beautifully eloquent letter for my employer to consider me for a new position that came up for hire last week. Wish me luck as I put my name in the hat.

Anyway, I haven’t had much time to prepare anything for the blog so I will share with you some candy that we bought. Here in the states, this candy is pretty unique.

We love the TV show “An Idiot Abroad” and on one episode we noticed Karl eating some candy that looked like “Whoppers” but was called “Maltesers”. Anyway, my husband found a box out and about one day and brought it home with a few other unique candy items and we tried them this week while watching the Olympics in London.

Maltesers tastes sorta kinda like Whoppers but much earthier, so not really. Does that even make sense? The other two candy bars were complete shocks to the system, the flake one had an footy taste like a really strong cheese mixed with honey. Completely interesting. I am not sure why prepared foods from other countries have always fascinated me, but I love trying new things.


17 thoughts on “Just A Little Candy

  1. “Maltesers” a massive brand in UK and Europe – and I eat them when they are around .. wouldn’t buy any – great candy really, but I rather buy a chocolate bar. Great little post.

      1. I can’t remember when I had “Maltesers” the last time … must be about 10 years ago and yesterday I had 2 chocolate bars. *smile

  2. Good luck with the job! You can have the footy cheese candy….Doesn’t sound appealing. Even the name was a bit odd….VK

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