Community Supported Agriculture

I received a new CSA box today. We always get the smallest one, because I love going to the farmer’s markets on the weekends. The box has been such a Godsend, because keeps me pretty well stocked for the latter part of the week.

Anyway, the produce was so beautifully green this week that I had to share with you guys. Oh I wish you could smell it, just such a wonderfully fresh aroma, especially the pungent perfume of that basil. Yum! Believe me, you will be seeing some recipes with these items as muses.

If you guys have any recipes that you want to share with me for any of these items, let me know. Anyway, I am off to properly pack this stuff away so it will stay fresh for the next couple of days!


12 thoughts on “Community Supported Agriculture

  1. Looks awesome. I just stopped by a church with my mom to pick up her CSA share, and it’s similarly fresh, colorful, and aromatic. Good news that CSAs, farmer’s markets, and other local food distribution models are gaining popularity! Have you heard of the locavore index that rates states for availability of fresh produce? Pretty cool. Kentucky’s doing well, at 6th out of 50 states.

    1. That’s awesome. I am glad it is getting popular too. My parents had a great garden when I was younger and now I feel like I get the best of both worlds, fresh, delicious, with lots of variety and someone else does the hard part. THough I admit I do like having a garden, but no room here in my tiny apartment.

  2. Great idea …. with this baskets – you have written about it before. The smell of basil bring all the senses together. We have farmers that put their products on tables outside the farms along the road – and a price list – plus a box to drop money in. It works.

  3. Just eat the basil. Wash it. And eat it. I love basil. My basil plants are so out of control right now. I can’t even try to use it all! They are seriously 4 feet tall. I’m not even exaggerating. The sage is underneath them fighting for a chance at survival.

    1. When i had huge basil plants like that, I made huge amounts of pesto and froze it in 1 cup plastic freezer containers. Great for a quick pasta dish or to add to a sauce during the winter.

  4. I just signed up for a CSA and I am beyond excited to pick up my first share on Saturday! I have gotten pretty habitual in what I buy, so I’m hoping the CSA share will help me branch out and explore new things. What’s the “craziest” thing you’ve gotten in your share?

    1. Thanks, i am always excited to see what is in my CSA. One time I got purple peppers, that looked bizarre, but tasted like regular bells. I have gotten kohlrabi and Persimmons before, which are new ingredients to me. Other than that, it has been normal items, but it is always a surprise and knowing that it is fresh is the best.

  5. Well you can check out my pesto and lemon buttermilk ice cream posts :-) I would love to get fresh lemons in a CSA box – what a treasure.
    I also just discovered the locavore site- it’s fantastic. And I love too putting a handful of greens in a morning smoothie. You don’t even know it’s there… and neither does my teen!

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