Caramel Popcorn

I have started baking for the holiday season. The first recipe that I made was of course my mother’s recipe for caramel popcorn. Sweet, buttery, crunchiness; my family and friends will be happy in the days to come.

creative noshing

Over the years, me and my cousin were inseparable. Because we were born on the same day, in some ways we were raised like twins, being dressed alike and attending many of the same events. We were definitely not raised as conventional cousins, more like sisters.

On the weekends, we would stay up giggling with our cheeks stinging and our bellies hurting until one of our mothers would hang their weary head into the bedroom and give us until the count of three to go to sleep. With covers flailing over head, we would lay as still as possible. The light would click off and we would listen until their footsteps softly padded away. After a few minutes one of us would whisper, “Are you asleep?” with which the other would reply, “no.” We would sit there whispering in soft half breaths, trying not to giggle out loud, which of…

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