Ranch Oyster Crackers

These ranch oyster crackers were the second snack that I made for my annual holiday basket this year. My husband loves these so much that we have had repurchase the ingredients for them multiple times in the past few weeks. Enjoy everyone!

creative noshing

Ranch oyster crackers, how I love thee, let me count the ways! You are crunchy and salty… and ranch-ee… okay, I went a bit too far. These are one of those treats that my mom made for me as a little girl, so they are very nostalgic. I can still remember sitting in my pink tights on the living room floor fresh from ballet class watching Heman and She-Ra bounding around on the back of a green and orange striped cat, all the while I am munching on these little nuggets of joy and through spit stuttered sentences yelling things like, “by the power of greyskull…I have the power!”  Oh yeah, I loved She-Ra. What was not to like? She-Ra was a friggin’ bad ass, had a super cute outfit AND she owned a Pegasus/Unicorn, the coolest hybrid animal ever to grace animation. But I digress…

As I have grown older…

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