The third item in my holiday basket was this recipe for baklava. A wonderful crispy, buttery pastry filled with half pistachios and half walnuts. Delicious!

creative noshing

To go along with my Sumac Scented Chicken, for dessert, I made a wonderful version of Baklava.  I have tasted baklava many times, but had never attempted to make it.

In my research, I found some versions used pistachios, some used walnuts, some used honey, some used rose water, some used lemon juice, some used orange blossom water. However, the common denominator was well buttered sheets of phyllo dough layering a ground nut mixture that was soaked in a syrup after it was baked.

Since I do not have commitments to any version, I married recipes with the items commonly available in my cupboard. The only item that I had to buy was phyllo dough, which was found in the freezer section of my local market.

Having never worked with phyllo dough before, I realized that it has to thaw in the refrigerator over night. Also it is very delicate…

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