1 lb butter
8 TBSP white sugar
4 tsp vanilla
1 lb ground pecans
4 cups flour
* confectioners sugar (for dusting afterwards)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a large nixing bowl, cream butter with sugar. Add the pecans and mix until well incorporated. Add vanilla. Slowly add the flour. Roll into 1 inch balls and place in the baking sheet about one inch apart. Cook for 25-30 minutes. Watch them carefully; you want them to be a light golden color. Roll in confectioners sugar when they are hot and again when they have cooled.


4 thoughts on “Snowballs

  1. I am glad to find this recipe, as it sounds so close to what my Mom used to make, she made just like yours, however with the same recipe, she would make it omitting the nuts and put in the same amount of crushed butter mints! YUM! She did not have a recipe for hers, (it was cataloged in her head) So I am glad to find this recipe to try both! :-)

      1. LOL :-) Over the years there have been several cookie recipes that are similar to yours that I have thought may be the same base recipe with different things added mom made a recipe for Potato Chip Cookies, all are butter rich like yours. Mexican Wedding cookies also, all seem to be dusted with powdered sugar, but yes the crushed butter mints were so good. I am not sure where you are located. however I have found them at good prices in the Mennonite Bulk Food Stores around here. Now to try making them now that I have your recipe! :-)

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