April Fool’s Day Recipe: Roadkill Dip

Okay I’ll admit this is not the most appealing name, but if you are looking for a delicious dish to take to a get together, this is it!

creative noshing

Need a dip to take to a party, family get together or an office potluck? I have the perfect one. Okay, okay the name “roadkill” isn’t that enticing but I promise this is a fantastic dip. I mean, sausage, cream cheese, and Rotel, how can it taste bad?  I made this for the first office potluck when I moved to the Midwest. Imagine, the backwoods southern girl shows up with something called “roadkill.” They all hesitantly tried it and started giggling when they realized it was a delicious sausage dip. That’s my dorky sense of humor but it gave everyone something to talk about. A great icebreaker for sure and my new friends all took the recipe home to play pranks on their families. If you still need a prank to play on your friends for April Fool’s Day or just need an idea for a good item to bring…

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