Easy Ranch Dressing


Currently I am reading the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. It’s really a great read and has changed my way of looking at food in general. So far, the main lesson I have learned is to eat all foods in moderation, mostly plants.

The book emphasizes the idea that we should focus on trying to get our nutrition from food and not depending on supplements. In essence, there are correlations between the nutrition within the foods we eat and the makeup of the plant as a delivery system for those nutrients and how it all works together is still being researched.

Anyway, I recommend this book to anyone who is like me and gets stuck before starting a healthier lifestyle saying they don’t know enough about nutrition. Of course salads go hand and hand with eating more plant based foods. I prefer making my own dressings, since  most store bought dressings have too many preservatives and emulsifiers added to them.

Ranch dressing is one of my favorites. I love Penzey’s spices and especially their Buttermilk Ranch spice mix. It is so easy to make the dressing and I love the flavor so much that it encourages me to eat more vegetables. Win! Win!


Mix 1 TB. Penzey’s Ranch seasoning in 1 TB. water, let stand five minutes, then whisk with1/2 cup buttermilk and 1/2 cup mayonnaise. For a lower calorie version use low-fat mayonnaise, or up the proportion of buttermilk, which will make the dressing thinner, but equally tasty. Ranch dressing should be refrigerated, check the freshness date on the buttermilk carton, and write it on the dressing bottle.


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