Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls are a perfect dish for the holidays. Especially when you have a lot of people coming together for a meal, as this makes quite a bit of food. This is one of our quintessential family recipes. Enjoy!

creative noshing

When I married into my husband’s family, my last name changed from Irish origins to a name that hails from Slovakia. Luckily for me, along with this new name came some new food traditions.

Cabbage Rolls were lovingly called “pigs” in my husband’s inner circle. He too had a grandmother who could throw her weight around in the kitchen and she would make huge pots of these cabbage rolls for her entire family.

This is a traditional dish for my husband’s family, though I am not sure if it has been Americanized since his grandmother moved to the United States with her husband before she started having children in the 1940’s. Nevertheless, we all think it is wonderful and we make huge pots of it now when there are family get-togethers and celebrations.

Though I never got to meet my husband’s grandmother, I do feel as though I know a…

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