Winter Meal Plan – 1


Snack 1


Snack 2



Oatmeal with Dried or Fresh Fruit

25 almonds or other nuts or seeds available

Buffalo Chicken Wrap and Apple

String Cheese or favorite cheese

Sausage, Peppers and Pasta with a Side Salad


2 Scrambled eggs  and a grapefruit Dried fruits and seeds Leftovers Yogurt  Salmon and Broccoli


Oatmeal with Dried or Fresh Fruit 25 almonds or other nuts or seeds available Frozen Black bean and cheese burrito and apple String Cheese or favorite cheese Grilled Tri tip sandwich,side salad, oven fries


Toast with jam and a yogurt  Hummus and snap peas Basil Ham and Cheese Sandwichand apple  banana and string cheese Grilled Tri tip Steak salad


Broiled Grapefruit Granola bar Ham with Baby Greens Salad and 25 almonds Hummus and carrots Rotisserrie Chicken and hoppin’ john


 2 scrambled eggs and a banana  String cheese or favorite cheese Buffalo Chicken Wrap and apple  Hummus and cherry tomatoes Chicken and broccoli casserole with side salad


 2 scrambled eggs and a banana Hummus and carrots  Out to Eat  Yogurt Leftovers


In order to save time and money, I make a meal plan every week. This is my meal plan for next week. I know I will have left over ham and hoppin’ John from the holidays, so I incorporated that.

Also, I like to have a good mix of quick to grab convenience foods and fast prep meals interwoven into my week. I have lots of recipes that are consistently in our diet, but I also like to try new recipes. Next week I will be trying a couple of new recipes that get pretty high ratings on other cooking sites.

Anyway, happy cooking everyone!



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