Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Something quick and easy and delicious! A wonderful lunch choice for this week.

creative noshing

My palette has a flavor profile that edges towards spicy. I love a little kicked up heat in my food. Buffalo wings are one of those sinful treats that I could eat everyday, except they aren’t that great for you. Properly made chicken wings, which I am sure I will post one of these days, are deep fried with the skin on, then immediately thrown into a sauce made of almost equal parts butter to hot sauce. On top of that, to cool it down a little, you dip them in a sour cream and blue cheese or feta concoction. Wipe face, repeat.

In order to bring in that same flavor but make it slightly healthier, I actually do something that I hardly ever practice, I buy prepackaged chicken fingers. However, instead of frying them, I follow the baking instructions.  Really, you could probably use roasted, shredded chicken, because it…

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