Grilled Tri-Tip

A message I will spend a lifetime learning. Wouldn’t it be nice if it would just stick! The grilled tri-tip is one my favorites.

creative noshing

Today, I have had some revelations, so please bear with me. There’s a great recipe for Tri-tip at the end, I promise!

As I was completing my morning set of sprints on the elliptical (I still can’t shake the fact that sprints on an elliptical makes me look like a fool, especially when you have a heavy breathing weight lifter within feet of you); the thought crossed my mind that I am home. Meaning, this head space, this moment, where I live is my home and where I came from, where I grew up is just a memory. I guess I had never really thought of my life like that before, always feeling I lived in a place other than my home, always trying to return to a place that doesn’t exist anymore.

 I have had a hard time grasping this reality since my father passed right before my wedding years…

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