Caesar Salad

I love this dressing and the hard boiled egg yolk makes it creamy and delicious.

creative noshing

When my husband and I started dating, I actually asked him out first. I know, very forward for a girl from the southern region of the United States. Southern girls are raised to be very demure, waiting on bated breath for our knight on a white horse to “save” us….

While this may be the romantic story book scenario that teenage girls dream of, I say, Pfff…. I mean, honestly.

Both my husband and I were in our mid to late twenties when we met, we were both working and had started the process of building our own lives. Any fairytale nonsense that may have existed within me was long gone, replaced by a real woman, surviving and thriving on her own.

I knew after a couple of weeks of talking with my husband during breaks at work, that I was definitely interested. Going home for a couple of days…

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