Linguini in Garlic Oil

A super simple and delicious noodle dish!

creative noshing

When I was a college student, I remember taking lots of classes based on the psycho-analysis of “the process” of doing. I was an art major and by nature, artists are compulsive, that is what makes them artists; their compulsion to create. However, this is a fairly new way of thinking.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the idea of art for art’s sake came about. Before then, anything artistic was commissioned works and were in effect utilitarian to the propaganda of another person. I relate it to modern day marketing, the commercials and billboards that give you an opinion of any entity, be it a person or corporation.

Out of the idea of creating objects that didn’t have to fulfill any role, be it moral or utilitarian, came a freedom to actually create items that were morally subversive. In my feminist art history classes I learned of Judy…

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