Baked Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal is wonderful way to make something nutritious for your family and a perfect breakfast for a weekend morning.

creative noshing

Yesterday, my post was about handling expectations in a healthy manner so that it can help you on your journey. One person who follows my blog asked a few questions that I thought were interesting enough to delve into them for the next few posts, as a quick response would never be sufficient for these questions.

The question I will focus on today is, ” Why are we never good enough?” See I told you this wouldn’t be easy!!! Anyway, thank you Viveka, I really enjoy your comments and I am happy to give you my point of view. And that is just it, really there is no right or wrong answer.

In my world, I feel that I am good enough, but that also includes room for improvement. For me to take time out of my day to check in with myself, making sure that I am happy and…

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