I have made this recipe every year for Mardi Gras and this year is no exception. A fan favorite for sure!

creative noshing

Well today, kiddos, we’ll be having a southern food 101 class, because today is Fat Tuesday. Every year for Fat Tuesday, I make a big pot of jambalaya, a quintessential low country dish.

When I started working in the Midwestern part of the U.S., I started up Fat Tuesday potlucks on-site, sending out invitations for a Day of Gluttony. It got fairly large the last year I was there. In most cases, I would presume that management was glad to see me go, except management was lined up with the best of them, paper plates and plastic forks in hand. That was the beauty of it, bringing everyone together, talking and laughing, eager to share moments over a plate of food, just celebrating life. It brought me sheer joy to see some of them having their first taste of jambalaya and real southern cornbread. That look of, “Oh, now…

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