Peas and Carrots

Sometimes the best sides are very basic preparations. This brings out the sweetness in each veggie.

creative noshing

What is more of a quintessential side dish than peas and carrots? It reminds me of 1950’s homemakers who wore pearls, heels, and dresses while vacuuming, ironing, and cooking with babies in toe. A time in American history where women were truly on the cusp grabbing their independence, but it had not happened quite yet.

Later, during my youth, you would find mediocre versions of peas and carrots packed in TV dinner trays. Although waterlogged and tasteless, they were a direct hearkening to flavors reminiscent of times gone by, but not quite forgotten. I thought it was about time to try to make it from scratch myself, since I am too young to have memories of the real McCoy.

Though I have to admit, I wasn’t wearing heels, pearls or a dress; more like blue jeans and a sacrificial t-shirt since I am a messy chef— I know outrageous right?! Anyway, the subtle sweet flavors…

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